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Samurai Slaughter House is a VR only (SteamVR, Quest, Quest2)  physics based action adventure video game with lite RPG features.

The game is still currently in development so there is a relatively small amount of content at the moment and there will likely be bugs here and there.

I will be updating the game regularly to add more content and increase the quality and stability of the game.

Purchasing that game here will also entitle you to your choice of either a Steam or Quest key at the time of the final launch.

Besides purchasing the game here, you can also get access to the latest build of the game on my Patreon as well as my other creations for only $5 a month. Once reaching $30 total in Patreon subscription fees, you will be given an Itch key to keep.

If you purchase the game through Itch or earn an itch key through Patreon, you will also have your choice of a Steam or Quest key at launch.

Samurai Slaughter House is an action adventure  game with   both metroidvania and rogue-like aspects, while still having a story/narrative.

There will be much much more added to the game but here are a few of the features currently in the game

 - Explore a mythical giant castle built in to a mountain with both indoor and outdoor enemies.

 - Physics based combat that allows you to block/counter enemy attacks. Enemies will also attempt to predict and block player attacks

 - A large range of weapons, including a katana with a working sheath and throwing weapons.

 - Interact with and recruit NPCs to help you fight.

 - Collect friendly yokai monsters to help you in battle

 - Search randomly  spawned chests for money, weapons, equipment,    and other items

 - Use your money  and ingredients to purchase items from shops

 - Fishing (probably different than what you're expecting but a lot of fun)

 - An optional 3rd person camera (only affects output to main monitor, game will still be in 1st person for view in HMD) that is great for streaming and content creation(PCVR version only).

 - Two original soundtracks, drum 'n' bass and Lo-fi (player may chose if they wish to hear tracks from one or both albums)

 - Intense volumetric blood effects (can be turned off in settings)

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Buy Now$30.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $30 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Quest v0.6.3112 1 GB
Version 10
PCVR v0.6.3112 1 GB
Version 6

Download demo

Quest Demo 974 MB
Version 4
PCVR Demo 812 MB
Version 1

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Hi TAB Games...downloaded the demo and loved it so much I just bought it for $22....sadly I can't Sideload it. Sidequest SAYS it's installed it alright, but it's nowhere to be found on my Quest2. Help??

Thx Dave

This happens on rare occasions with SideQuest. You have to uninstall the game (usually using an ABD command).

If you jump on the Discord and look under the FAQ sections, there's detailed steps with a screenshot to help.

If you still can't get it, one of us on the Discord will help you out.


Thanks for the support!

Hello Tab Games. I have purchased your Game Samurai Slaughter House but it's not showing me that I could download it. Please can you help me I don't know what to do.

Please reply ASAP.


if you scroll down, there should be a download link. The one that ends in .apk is for the Quest.

If you still have trouble, hop on the Discord and we'll be happy to help!




I came across an issue with Unity games and VR on pimax and some WMR devices. Got reports of this for the game I'm working on as well. The workaround is putting the tracked pose driver of the head on Head instead of HMD Center Eye, but this isn't a proper fix of course.

Here is the post I found: 


If you want to help getting this fixed, could you make a bug report to unity and mention case 1377372 so they can link them.

My case was closed because I was unable to submit my project.

If you don't want to do this, at least it's a good thing to look at (:

Video Preview of the Launch Build (September 16th) - 

Is there any haptic feedback ? did not notice any when using Quest 2

Not yet, but its on my list of things to do.

it'll probably be in next week's update.

Omg, 7 months ago, lol

actually finally adding more haptics this week.

I would like to purchase the early access copy, but am first curious if we are granted to record footage and talk about the games early access on YouTube?

Absolutely! And I produced all the music in the game, so you won't have to worry about any issues with having it in your videos.

Thank you for the confirmation!

is there a demo i am broke and can't pay

Not yet. I plan on having one in a Steam festival though.

It's also available on my Patreon, which only has a $5 subscription fee.